Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm On Etsy Whooo Hooo!!!!!

Finally opened my shop. Taking forever to post things. Also have a GRAND OPENING SALE: Buy One, Get 2nd Item at 50% off (equal or lesser value) .... I'm having a hard time keeping up with FB and Etsy and Blog and now I Tweet so I can get more hits on my Etsy items.....I enjoy it but need to get out more and move, sitting at a computer all day is not what I look forward to each day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pics of some of the items I have been working on

I'm Back

I know, I know!!! It has been forever since I last posted on my blog but I sort of got burned out with crocheting and knitting and took some time off. I have been working on lots of new things such as hemp jewelry (thanks Melanie for teaching this fun craft) also experimenting with a line I'll call ElectroChic which I make things such as jewelry and other items out of recycled electronics. Also,  tomorrow I'll open my Etsy shop, again thanks to Melanie for helping and encouraging me though this process. She was my personal cheerleader...ra ra ra (in her own words). If you like anything on here be sure to visit my Etsy Shop or my FB face. I am not promising but I would love to add some tutorials.

Oh and one more thing and this is BIG....I was asked to be on Steering--MOPS Leadership--as Crafts Coordinator. Okay so I'm super excited cause I'll be serving with some awesome kick butt Godly women BUT going after Kymmie with crafts is like the student going after pray for me!!!!!!!!!!