Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm On Etsy Whooo Hooo!!!!!

Finally opened my shop. Taking forever to post things. Also have a GRAND OPENING SALE: Buy One, Get 2nd Item at 50% off (equal or lesser value) .... I'm having a hard time keeping up with FB and Etsy and Blog and now I Tweet so I can get more hits on my Etsy items.....I enjoy it but need to get out more and move, sitting at a computer all day is not what I look forward to each day.

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  1. I know about sitting at a computer all is hard work...I did it for 8 months and that is why I love teaching...I am able to get up and move about! :-)

    What I would recommend to you...fellow blogger, tweeter, etsian and fb guru: cut out a couple of these until your shop is set up with tons of stuff in it. I would cut out this blog and on one final post put the link to your shop and facebook fan page. Leave this for a while and come back at Christmas, etc...
    Twitter...great for hits, but if you aren't on there regular...put your time in your etsy shop and fb fan page. I know you have had success on your fb page! Go with it!!! :-)
    You can still do all..but i would scale back until the etsy shop is basically self functioning. :-) It WILL happen! Don't get rid of this blog...a great way to redirect people to your shop and page where it matters!
    Best Wishes girl!